Dark Dungeons Brewing Company is a small homebrewing outfit in Chula Vista.  While we have yet to market our brews, we are planning to do so in the sometime in the future (after obtaining the proper permits and licenses.)  Our eventual goal is to start up a brewpub in Chula Vista under the same name as our brewing company.  The brewpub will be a family restaurant on one side, and a bar and grill on the other.  We have offered several beer tastings of our assorted brews, and the responses have been quite exceptional.  A few have even called our brews better than the specialty beers they have found in other brewpubs.

Here are some of our current product offerings (we cannot sell them yet, but we do bring them to beer tasting contests):

Recipes on this site are Copyright by the Dark Dungeons Brewing Guild, and are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike License. All other rights are reserved. A PDF reader is needed to view recipes.

NameDescriptionAvg ABVFBDLabel
Sir Lancelot Pale AleA brew with bite.  The starting gravity is in the 1.070 range, so the finished product is ~7-8% alcohol.6.5%1998
Apricot Wheat Ale ("Graduation Brew")The apricot is not too overpowering in this brew.  For those who love wheat beers, this is a beer that has received exceptional reviews from tasters.*April 1999Attached
Creamy Chocolate Cherry StoutMmmmm...Chocolate...*1999
Liberty AleMalty Brown Ale with a subtle molasses bite to it.  This brew is quite pleasing to the buds.*2000
Dragon Slayer AleReddish ale with a smooth nutty taste.*2000Attached
Lost in the Scottish MoorsA floral Old Scottish Ale**
Sir GalahadA nut brown beer with a pleasant afterbite.*2001Attached
Chain Mail Amber AleAmber Ale with a nice orange aftertaste.
Spank Me Blue-berry AleAmber Ale with a nice blueberry taste, a standard breakfast beer.
Merlin's Magick Ole AylAle the way old guys used to make it.  A fruity aftertaste that is created by a rich malty flavor.
Avalon Golden Ale
Guenevere's Cherry (Wheat Ale)
Richard III's Special Bitter

While you're at it, you might want to check out some of our favorite food recipes too...they go great with the beer (which will work nice for our brewpub too.)

Beef Filet in Balsamic Brandy SauceBeef filet served with Balsamic Brandy Sauce over Egg Noodles or Fettuccine4
Chicken Vinaigrette Salad4
Shrimp Sweet Stir Fry4

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